1. Prevents contamination of the aquifer by trapping all kinds of hydrocarbons (oil, grease, gasoline, etc.)

2. Traps debris, silt, heavy metals and solids from going into the drainage system, extending the system's life.

3. Spills containment capacity minimizing expensive cleanups.

4. Easy installation in new or old inlets.

5. Inexpensive, simple maintenance and monitoring.

6. Available for different inlet types or structure sizes.

Below, you will find a few of the many testimonials from our satisfied customers:

"I highly recommend GeoTechnical Marine's Hydro-Cartridge device as well as their service to anyone wishing to control sedimentation and hydrocarbon run off. Feel free to contact me at 305-224-7163 with any questions you may have regarding this company or their product."


During the course of these 12 years of using the system, as the product specifications we have contained spills, eliminated almost the totality of hydro-carbons, and minimized sedimentation in the drain fields of the storm drainage, even under strenuous traffic conditions of very heavy equipment.

Armando Cabrera Ph.D.
Environmental Resources Project Supervisor
Environmental Compliance Division
Miami-Dade Department of Solid Waste Management
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