1. Prevents contamination of the aquifer by trapping all kinds of hydrocarbons (oil, grease, gasoline, etc.)

2. Traps debris, silt, heavy metals and solids from going into the drainage system, extending the system's life.

3. Spills containment capacity minimizing expensive cleanups.

4. Easy installation in new or old inlets.

5. Inexpensive, simple maintenance and monitoring.

6. Available for different inlet types or structure sizes.
How do Hydro-Cartridges® work?
Storm Drain Filter Inserts

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In a rainstorm a mix of water, solids and hydrocarbons begins to flow into the filter, this slurry travels down the central funnel where the hydrocarbons tend to float and separate to be captured by the absorbent pad at the surface. Solids, silt, heavy metals and other debris continue to flow with the water to the bottom of the filter, where the flow slows down, they precipitate and remain. Water then rises on both sides of the funnel until spilling over into the drainage structure.

Spill containment capacity

Since the Hydro-Cartridges® system works full of water it retains a spill in the central funnel, even without absorbent, where it can be easily recovered. This spill containment capability is exclusive to the Hydro-Cartridges® storm drain filtration system, and can be as much as 20 gallons. Capacity is dependent on unit size.

Available Sizes

We currently stock a wide assortment of Hydro-Cartridges® storm drain filters. Contact us for current availability or custom sizes.

Storm Drain Filter Inserts

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Storm Drain Filter Inserts

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Hydro-Cartridges® are comprised of two parts. The central funnel and the bucket. These two parts come together to form the body of the filter.


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