1. Prevents contamination of the aquifer by trapping all kinds of hydrocarbons (oil, grease, gasoline, etc.)

2. Traps debris, silt, heavy metals and solids from going into the drainage system, extending the system's life.

3. Spills containment capacity minimizing expensive cleanups.

4. Easy installation in new or old inlets.

5. Inexpensive, simple maintenance and monitoring.

6. Available for different inlet types or structure sizes.


Storm Drain Filter Inserts

Model 4105L


Geotechnical Marine Corp.
has developed, patented and is the sole manufacturer of the Hydro-Cartridges® storm drain filtration system.

Whether it is from average rainfall, accidental spill or an illicit dumping of hydrocarbons, our unique design protects you in every case, allowing you to meet or surpass NPDES requirements. Municipalities make the Hydro-Cartridges® storm drain filtration system part of their over-all stormwater pollution prevention plan.

Our goal is simple: minimizing your exposure to non-point source pollution using the stormwater filter.

Browse through our site and familiarize yourself with our filtration system so together we can begin protecting our environment one storm drain at a time.

The filter at right shows the basic principle of its simple yet most effective design. The catch basin insert is a funnel inside of a bucket that works full of water. This design allows hydrocarbons to float
and to be captured and sediments to remain at the


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